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Happy Birthday Demitria

Hope it's a great day!

110 icons (anime, art, & wrestling)

21 Inuyasha
59 Sailor Moon
15 misc. (Homestuck, Interview with the Vampire, Dragon Ball, art)
15 Roman Reigns (in action on WWE + promo stills)
TOTAL: 110 icons


HERE @ hardpromises (dw)

16 Inu icons

[3]Kagome & Rin

Preview: 4-4 iy_sango061 Wallpaper75


Welcome to Picspams Land, a picspam challenge community!

We are modeled after the now closed picspammy, but we work a little differently.  Here, at the end of a challenge, members have the opportunity to vote on their favorite picspam, and a winner is chosen (to great fanfare!).

Ability is no prerequisite; simply join, picspam, and post!  Or alternately, join to see pretty picspams and vote on them!
24 Inuyasha Icons
and many more!

Here @ la_villa_blanca

22 InuKag Icons

[x] 22 Inuyasha/Kagome Icons

here @ cool_spectrum

InuYasha Icons - 5

30 Inuyasha Icons

[x] 30 Inuyasha
[x] 07 Natsume Yuujinchou
[x] 01 Ranma 1/2
[x] 01 Soul Eater
[x] 06 XxxHolic
And many more...

here @ cool_spectrum